We offer an array of affordable housing from single homes to apartments. We understand that constructing robust homes with demanding requirements are essential. We work closely with architects and developers to ensure that we construct and deliver elegant and comfortable homes for our clients.

Our commitment to designing projects that meet BREEAM is evidence of our determination to utilise offsite construction methods to deliver sustainable building solutions. All our residential accommodation is constructed with adopting the greener, environmentally friendly approach.

We have revolutionised perceptions of modular build, with our innovative designs that remove historical perceptions of modular build being under the same umbrella as prefabricated units.




Bespoke Design

Research has revealed that England has a backlog of almost four million homes. Modular construction is the perfect solution to this housing problem. Our buildings offer a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to increase your space for a temporary or permanent period. 

SKW Construction can help resolve and meet the rising demand for social housing.

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