Responsible business



SKW Construction Ltd recognises the need to operate the business in a manner which reflects good environmental management. We are aware of the environmental impacts of our operations and will balance our business with the need to protect the local and global environment. We aim to protect and improve the environment through good management and by adopting best practice wherever possible. SKW have earn the confidence of employees, shareholders, customers and the general public by demonstrating our commitment to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and minimise pollution, resource use and waste, where feasible, through the continual improvement of performance in all areas of the company.

working in partnership throughout supply chain - once a project is received into the company a clear line of communication is established between SKW Construction Ltd, Suppliers, Sub-contractors and Clients. Good communication ensures projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to correct standards.

The key to any project and the success of the business is good and clear communication, however for this to be effective it must be 365 degrees, one way communication is better than none but to move forward we must listen to our clients suppliers and sub-contractors. Remembering that criticism is usually a good thing, as it allows us to continuously improve and to grow.



Positive impact - 

Today, every UK business has a duty of care requirement to look after the health and safety of employees, including their wellbeing.

Yet, 3 in 5 people have had mental health issues due to work, and over 60% of staff think their employer should be doing more to address mental ill health issues. Considering this, promoting and protecting staff wellbeing in the workplace is important for SKW Construction. Mental wellbeing is relevant for all employees, which means every member of staff can play a part in improving wellbeing in the workplace. By addressing mental health issues, businesses can improve the general wellbeing of employees, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, lower staff turnover, increase productivity, and help promote the employment of those who have experienced mental health problems.

Health and safety - 

We are committed to safeguarding the Health, Safety and Welfare of all its employees by providing a safe and healthy environment for all persons affected by the Company’s operations. As a responsible employer we believe that effective health and safety practices contribute directly to the better performance of the Company as a whole. Our aims are not simply to comply with Health and Safety legislation but to attain higher standards through the adoption of recognised good practices and to provide industry leadership through our Health and Safety performance. The Board of Directors are fully committed to achieving this through a programme of continuous improvement, positively promoting a proactive approach to accident and ill-health prevention.



mission TO NET ZERO -

Our commitment to zero carbon follows the principles of circularity.

Our building solutions are a less resource-intensive alternative to traditional construction – generating less waste, using less energy, and have a lower carbon footprint.

Our buildings are fully re-useable, flexible, reconfigurable, and recyclable. Both temporary and permanent solutions can easily be adapted to changing local needs and shifting demographics, meeting decarbonisation goals.